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I hate to blow my own horn, but... Toot! Toot! I love InStyle Weddings, so it's a huge honor and a thrill for me to be featured on their website, and as one of "the country's best stationers" no less! It makes me a very happy lady to be included in such fine company on one of my favorite wedding resources. My day is made!


Anonymous on 3:42 PM

Kudos to you. The recognition is well deserved!

brooke @ claremont road on 3:42 PM

That's my favorite design of all the designs in your collection! Congrats :-)

Kelly on 4:10 PM

congrats! i love that one.


A on 4:16 PM

Congrats! You deserve it. :)

Lindsay on 11:25 PM

i think your invitations are incredible. your yellow and grey one inspired my entire wedding. too bad i couldn't even come close to being able to afford them...

Brenda's Wedding Blog on 8:12 AM

So exciting, what an honor - congratulations on the feature

Pencils on 8:54 AM


Britney on 11:25 PM

Your color combinations are amazing! I am not surprised at all that you are featured on InStyle Weddings. Congratulations:)

un-bride on 1:24 PM


Candice @ Jubilee Events on 6:10 AM

That's awesome. Congrats!! Well deserved.

Anonymous on 8:21 AM

Congrats! If I had found your invitations prior to ordering the ones that I had, I would have definitely used you. I love all of your new designs!

K @ Blog Goggles on 9:46 AM

Congrats! I love that design!