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itali lambertini

This amazing jewelry reminds me of a trip thru the Roman Antiquities wing at the Met (one of my absolute favorite wings, but the way). I love the rings especially, and think they'd be just perfect for an engagement ring. "Timeless" would be the perfect adjective, don't you think? Itali Lambertini will also create custom rings, if you're looking for some other type of stone.


Carlene on 10:43 AM

Oh la la! I love the gold/green ring! Kinda looks greek inspired? Great find. Putting it on my wish list. :)

Libby on 1:42 PM

beautiful!!! I love everything about the pink ring!

Julia on 3:29 PM

timeless is about right... I love the green ring.

Pencils on 9:17 AM

What beautiful jewelry! And I'm a sucker for ancient looking jewelry. Kinda wish you hadn't shown in to me! Now I'm going to drool over it. ;)

anna on 4:25 PM

Please may I have the pink ring. Oh how it would make me happy!

Alex Davies on 9:36 AM

Love these

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