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it gets chilly at night...

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We were lucky enough to have some company - our ex-neighbors from Park Slope came out to see us. We had a great time talking about weddings (hers) and babies (mine). Dierdre is getting married next month, and is looking for something to wear over her shoulders, should it turn cold at night during her outdoor reception. I thought these were adorable, maybe you're looking for something similar? Both from Holly Stadler.


life according to celia... on 11:02 PM

the eyelet one is so, so sweet. love it.

At Home with Kim Vallee on 11:14 PM

Capelets are so handy. I wish we could find them easily in shops. My favorite from Holly Stadler are definitively her Vintage Lace Wedding Shrug and her wool capelet.

K @ Blog Goggles on 9:47 AM

Those are gorgeous. Think I can wear them every day?

Costume Diva on 10:39 AM

Oh I LOVE the eyelet one! Perfect for any summer sundress!

LPC on 11:37 AM

I like these more than most.

{The Perfect Palette} on 4:42 PM

loving these.

Teresa on 9:21 PM

oh wow. that top one is DI-vine!