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My husband and I fell in love exploring New York on the subway; we took the A train to the opera on our first date, took the F train home to our first apartment together, and the D to our favorite museum. I know loads of other people who fell in love on the very same trains, and on similar ones in cities all over the country. These subway token cuff links would be an adorable way to incorporate your history as a couple into your groom's ensemble. They'd make a great gift, I think. All from Valdo, on Etsy.


Love + Marriage on 12:47 PM

My hubby and I had the same experience when I would come visit him in NY. This would have been the cutest detail for our wedding day. Shoot! But, we are so excited to go back for our first wedding anniversary.

Julia on 1:08 PM

very cool! would make wonderful groomsmen gifts too

iisy on 10:55 PM

cool! cecil b. moore is my stop.

Bridechka on 7:57 PM

These are great!

theblogsmaid on 3:58 PM

I love these - subtle and funky, and very usable. Perfect groomsmen gifts!

Bloglim on 4:24 AM

The cufflinks are a great idea, a perfect gift for many occasions. A lot of men are now wearing the double cuff shirts and these would be a timeless gift, especially for someone with a history on the subway.