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Too cute for words! The traditional outfits really put these over the top. From YuYu Art, custom orders available.


honey my heart on 10:56 PM

they are sooo cute!! i thought i knew which cake toppers i wanted but those just changed my mind.

life according to celia... on 10:56 PM

can you say cute, cuter and cutest?!?

mimsie on 3:38 AM

Aughhhh I love it!! I need a Korean bride and a guy in a kilt!

Fernanda Floret on 7:21 AM

I love so much that I bought one all the way from Brazil!

lunarzie on 10:20 AM

omigosh! the cutest thing ever <3

Brian D on 6:05 PM

Those little dolls are gorgeous! The colors are spectacular.

Anonymous on 11:23 AM

These are so adorable. Beautiful pieces!!!

French Furniture on 5:42 PM

They are sooooo cute! I love the Japanese ones the most!

craftedbylindy on 4:14 PM

So cute! Awesome. Just love them!

Anonymous on 2:44 PM

Some people are SO talented! Absolutely adorable!

Anonymous on 10:30 PM

These really are cuties!!
Has anyone purchased from Yu Yu Art? If so, would you mind sharing if the transaction was easy/safe regarding payment, etc? Thank you!!!