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fine feathery finds

I hope everyone had a great long weekend. I did yard work, planted flowers, hung curtains, and cleaned house. Sounds boring, I know, but there's something to be said for chores. You feel great when they're done!
These are my new favorites from Portobello, one of my favorite hair accessory shops on Etsy. I have a few weddings to go to in June, and since my choices for wardrobe are kind of limited, I've been looking for something interesting for my hair. While I think these might be too fancy for me (as a guest), they'd be perfect for any bride looking to add a little color into her ensemble.


wide open spaces on 10:07 AM

wow - those really are lovely. I am loving the sunny yellow one.

prepschool101 on 10:25 AM

Gorgeous -- and a truly unique touch to an outfit!

anna on 10:34 AM

Oh how I love these. I will have to stock up for future weddings!

Deirdre Gill on 1:08 PM

I know a certain bride who thinks you should wear one of these and be fabulous!

OhFaro on 1:49 PM

Stunning Hairpieces, OH those blue feathers! I love working with feathers, but I tend stick to rhinestones. Portobello is very gifted with feathers, indeed.

Alex Davies on 9:35 AM

Gorgeous colours

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