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I'm not sure how the wedding industry arrived at it's currently status quo: Strapless Ball Gown. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a beautiful shape, but woe be to the bride who saunters confidently into Kleinfeld's and asks to see something other than the status quo, because she will try on a measly few.
Fortunately, there are some alternatives out there for those of you who can't find what you are looking for on the rack. Whether you want to go vintage or custom, your first stop is The (top row), a huge website boasting vintage couture gowns by the likes of Dior, Halston, and Cassini. If you don't end up finding exactly what you're looking for here, you'll get some fantasic ideas to bring to your dressmaker. So many vintage shapes can be reproduced in a modern way with very few changes. The black, short sleeve number in the bottom row is from 1937, but would not look out of place in white on the runway next spring. When you visit the tailor, bring a picture of the dress that strikes you, ask them what materials it would work in, and how much it would cost. You can either scout the materials yourself, or pay the dressmaker to do it. They'll be more than happy to help you.
Some other great places to collect ideas:
Circa Vintage and Unique Boutique oh, and of course Vintageous


Kari on 4:50 PM

Refreshing that I am not the only one who is desperately hoping for the return of unique dresses. I think with the whole modern wedding revolution also came the generic princess ball gown, strapless and ending in a large, white puff. Don't get me wrong, they usually do look beautiful, but the most important facotr in my wedding will definitely be originality. I really love some of the examples posted here, they are classy, with amazing lines and don't hide the bride. I'm sure everyone would agree that the most vital piece of the wedding is the dress, so why wear the cookie cutter version? I saw a recent gown that I really liked.. ironically, it was Tori Spelling's, but the girl does have taste in wedding dresses (both times). Her dress from her first wedding was a beautiful, fit long gown that didn't overpower her by any means.. the dress from her second wedding was this lacy, light piece that she wore in Fiji on the beach. I loved both of them, and felt that they were both incredibly unique and perfectly fitted for her. I know that celebrities obviously have an easy time beig unique due to endless funds, but this blog has pretty good tips about keeping things reasonable.

Glad the move for orginality is coming back.. on that note I also have to give Kudos to Kenzie Kate invitations, they are first on my list for my wedding. Like I said, I pride myself on originality. If you are planning a wedding, you should definitely check the link.

Happy hunting ladies!

lena on 7:05 AM

love these of course, since i love vintage... i've wondered too about how the strapless full skirt wedding gown became sooo popular for so many years. true it is a very flattering style, but it's fun to see a variety and that seems to be happening more lately... however those huge puffy sleeved 80's gowns should never come back into style!!