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petit fours

I love the idea of a big elaborately decorated wedding cake, and the whole cupcake tower thing is cool too. But, you know me, always looking for something different. Why not petit fours? They're like mini cakes that you can polish off in a couple bites. I think it would be really cool to have an elaborate display of these, instead of cake, intermixed with vases or jars filled with other yummy confections. Then when you serve them to your guests, give each person an artful arrangement of 2 or 3 petit fours. The particularly delicious looking bites above are from Petit Fours in Dallas, TX, but you can find them at almost any bakery. I think they would be especially nice for an afternoon or morning reception, where a lighter dessert might be more appropriate.

*bonus* it'll be hard for the groom to do too much damage if he decides to smush one on these in your mouth.


Bea on 4:50 AM

I love this idea!