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vintage hair how-to's

Have you ever looked at pictures of your mom or your grandmother in the olden days and wondered...How the heck did she make her hair do THAT? Well ladies, wonder no more. The Hair Archive is a catalog of hairstyles from the 20th century, complete with comprehensive how-to's. That's right, I said HOW-TO'S. Just what you never needed! (but I love it). Check it out. It's oddly fun. You might be able to dig up some long lost hair styling secrets from the days of yore. (don't dig up any secrets on that one in the top right corner though, that one's just for fun. Yikes.

Even though you may be tempted to show up for work on Monday with a full on beehive, don't. Just don't. Because I said so.


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This hair style is unique and something like oldies fashion 1990's. But now it common in 2010. OLD is GOLD.

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