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paper poppy pomanders

Something posted on design*sponge a while back reminded me of a project my soon-to-be sister-in-law Karen and I are working on for her wedding. She wanted to have huge flower pomanders hanging from the ceiling of the tent (one above each table), and we decided to make them out of felt and paper flowers so they'll last. The flower making process is fun, (if a bit daunting), but in the end I think they'll look awesome. I'm looking forward to seeing if we can light them from within like the lamps above from Mixko. The pictures in the bottom row are the flowers I've made so far, and I think I might have enough to cover one globe... or a half of one, or maybe a half of a really small one...Sigh.


joy on 4:01 PM

those look great! you'll have to post a pic when you're done!

lena on 4:26 PM

ohhhh! these look so great! yes, i want to see the finished pieces too!

Briana on 5:53 PM

What a labour of love... so beautiful. And they will look absolutely killer hanging from a dining room or living room ceiling (or kitchen or bedroom...) post wedding.

Maitreya on 8:39 PM

Oh, those are great!

rose on 5:35 PM

Wow! Those are amazing! Infact this whole blog is amazing. I'll have to try my hand at felt flowers for my wedding.