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A great idea for bridesmaid's gifts from Olive Manna at Wedzu (a well curated, handmade-wedding centric marketplace). Five personalized journals for $125. Love the colors and patterns!


ShyViolet on 5:25 PM

Oooh, very cute!

botox melbourne on 1:18 AM

it's just amazing how simple fashion can be

Melanie on 4:50 PM

MY kind of gift. I just LOVE this. Nice!

PaperHeart on 4:52 PM

Something I would very much like to have...

Michelle Guzman on 1:12 PM

Love the patterns.

Anonymous on 2:04 AM

these are so very cute!

wedding photos on 5:47 AM

Ohmygoodness! That dress! And his tie! Oh, I’m in love.