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guest dressed.

Lulu's is my new first stop for guest-of-the-wedding dresses, not because these dresses are EXACTLY my style, but because I feel that they are blank enough slates that they could easily be bent to my will. The prices are great, somewhere between $40 and $80 per, which is exactly how much I want to be spending on a dress I plan to wear only a few times. AND I really love that there are so many to choose from. Check them out!


Marian on 1:22 PM

I'm addicted with LuLu's...they have such great pricing!!

Margaret Ivory - Ivory Pearl Bridal Mall on 12:49 AM

Would be great as bridesmaids dresses too. Very cute!

Unfair Dismissal Lawyers on 3:22 AM

I checked out that store. i like the pinky dress there so cute

Botox Melbourne on 3:24 AM

those dresses are really pretty and reasonable price.

Claire on 7:19 PM

Beautiful dresses. I really like the second dress and the layered effect.

Limo Services CA on 1:02 PM

I'm gonna send my wife this link... these dresses are simply hot!

Migration Agents on 8:03 PM

The dresses are even better in the link i love them

wedding photos on 5:48 AM

Ohmygoodness! That dress! And his tie! Oh, I’m in love.

Wedding picture on 2:59 PM

Such a beautiful girl.I like it.looking so preety.

Kristine - Cool Wedding on 7:54 PM

I love it! My favorite is the black and white Venus cut dress! It's just sexy!