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hair candy

Myra Kim, at it again. The photos of her new collection are really stunning. I love this leafy piece with the 60's bangs that so many of us (including myself) are sporting these days.


Magician London on 8:56 AM

I love the innocnece of these photos, very nice.

Magician Portsmouth

mădălina on 11:25 PM

I WANTTTT these. so elegant

Tina on 3:31 AM

I love them!

Dynamite Weddings on 3:04 PM

So gorgeous and graceful!

mandyface on 11:05 PM

Oh the prettiness!!!

Family Lawyers Melbourne on 4:11 AM

my hair color is dark it must goes well with my hair as well. i love it so much

Laser Hair Removal on 4:24 AM

It is beyond fancy Love them all of them

Michelle Ellen on 10:52 AM

These are stunning!!! I need to find a way to wear them every day!

ShyViolet on 5:26 PM

Beautiful! And lovely photography too.

London Wedding Photographer RAMYAD on 5:29 AM

Stunning hairpieces, more brides should wear them. Love the photos.