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not your mama's registry

A friend of mine registered for all her dishes at Anthropologie. Every time I visit her or the Anthro website I wonder why I didn't think of that... SUCH cool stuff.


Aimee on 2:55 PM

Oh, I got myself the Waxweb plates from Anthro--they are gorgeous with a capital G. I looooooove their dishes. Maybe it's just me, but it feels quite decadent to use them merely for food. :)

PJ on 6:26 PM

I didn't realize you could register at Anthropologie. Interesting!

AEG on 9:31 PM

How cute!
by any chance do you know of a place where I can get equally cool "fancy" dinnerware (fine china)?

aly on 9:47 PM

You would need a fabulous way to display these. They are way to pretty to store in the cabinet.

Migration Agents on 4:30 AM

those pieces are amazing geez so cute

Unfair Dismissal Lawyers on 4:32 AM

I love the last collection most so creative