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This summer I was all excited about this interview, but couldn't tell you guys about it. Now it's out and I can finally spill the beans! I went to New York for the day and did a photoshoot and an interview with New York Magazine for their Fall/Winter Weddings edition. I was chosen to be their stationery expert for this edition. So exciting! I am really happy with the end result, especially since both the writer and the photographer did a fantastic job conveying the relaxed yet professional spirit at Kenzie Kate (and my purple dress looks sassy in print!) This totally made my week.


Laura on 5:39 PM

oh how COOL! and you look beautiful- that's a great color on you. :)

Janssen on 6:29 PM

Ah, that's great!Congratulations! Needless to say, you and your dress look gorgeous!

Lauren on 6:55 PM

That's super exciting! Congrats!

mo on 7:55 PM

Love the heading...Ask the Experts!!
Kudos to you. Well deserved press!

samantha hahn on 1:25 PM

congrats! you look adorable...and very sassy indeed.

hizzybee on 2:10 AM

You have such good advice without being pretentious. You make a very approachable and practical expert!

AEOT on 6:46 AM

Congrats! And, yes, you are rocking that purple dress!!

Pencils on 12:39 PM

Congratulations! You look fabulous. And I hope you get lots of business from this big exposure.

Kim @ Inspired Goodness on 1:35 PM

Was super excited to see your article in this - I've been reading your blog for as long as I can remember and I actually gasped out loud when I spotted this page.

Congrats! And you look simply smashing!!

Anonymous on 7:07 PM

Where's the "like" button?