noritake unique wedding favors unique wedding favors
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So pretty! I love these so much. The tiny diamond in the bottom left corner is my favorite, such a great idea for an engagement ring! From Scosha NYC.


Byrd on 5:37 PM

Wow. These are so cool. I also think they would be great as "wedding day gifts". I have had such a hard time deciding on wedding jewelry. It is difficult to find a balance between price, function and bling ;) I saw this new contest on the JIC website called Gems Among Us. I have nominated my Matron of Honor because she has been amazing in the planning process. She could win a trip and I could will a $5k shopping spree just for nominating her! Anyone can enter. So excited!

Melissa on 7:24 PM

A great find. I love the simple beauty of them. I really like the ring with the circle of diamonds and little triangle accents around them.

Empire Style Dresses on 1:56 AM

Simply the best.

Jennifer on 6:35 PM

wow these are beautiful

badgley mischka owen shoes on 1:37 AM

They are actually pretty, and a hand adorned with the ring will look even more pretty. Diamonds are always special.