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ruffle department

I like the way The English Dept. deals with ruffles, understated and still very feminine.

Stay dry today all you fellow East Coasters! Batten down the hatches and hang to the riggin'!


kwpang on 9:47 AM

very simple and very pretty.

Romantic Homeymoons on 11:18 AM

really nice gowns, simple and lovely. Romantic Honeymoons

Anonymous on 5:35 PM

Funny you should mention the hurricane on the east coast...I was JUST asking my sister about that...she's in the northeast and an hour inland and they were spared... :)

Love the gown; just gorgeous. Guess that's a new dressmaker I need to check out!

claire eliza on 11:54 PM

I always have the toughest time finding gowns that I can see myself wearing, however the English Dept defies that. Their dresses are so classic and beautiful.

wedding invitation kits on 12:08 AM

The gown is lovely! So feminine and pretty.