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a little chiffon

Found this, here. Love it.


Jen on 1:10 PM

This gown is absolutely beautiful!

Savoir Weddings on 1:44 PM

wow. Insanely glamorous and the cut is amazing.

Gina on 3:13 PM

Everything about this dress is Gorgeous! Love the details, theway it lays. I can only imagine the way it flows when you walk!

jessalyn on 10:34 PM

I...think I just found my dress. Seriously. THANKYOUSOMUCH.
I had a 2k budget but $422 is fine by me! I'm so excited!

Christine on 10:43 PM

O.M.G. I love this. Worth getting married again just to wear it. (to the same man, of course)

Anonymous on 4:40 PM

WOW. Truly elegant...princess-y yet...well, just elegant. (I'm at a loss for words. Forgive me.)

Gotta get my hands on that dress for my vow renewal...

Claire on 1:49 PM

awesome gown. Love the detailed decoration.

Dale Fournier on 1:05 PM

I am in love with this gown. But I have been married for 21 years, so I will forward it to my friend who is getting married next year.

Anonymous on 4:37 PM

This dress is amazing - and SOOOO reasonable!

B & B Party Rentals on 1:59 PM

Love it! Very simple but classy and sophisticated. It gave me a nostalgic vibes.

busma on 11:19 AM

I LOVE it!! simple but elegant, and I like the colour too

Alicepub Wedding Blog on 2:57 AM

Wow, so beautiful wedding dress. I quite like the additional embellishments decorated on the waist, which adds some shining elements to the whole appearance.