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catching up on your correspondence?

I'm so excited to announce the newest addition to the Kenzie Kate collection! Our bran' spankin' new Correspondence Sets! We've custom made these amazing limited edition wooden boxes and filled them with all our favorite note cards and a rainbow of envelopes. There's a total of 50 notecards and 50 envelopes in there! The ultimate desk accessory, if you will...
I'm so proud of this set, it's truly something I would love to give and (especially) GET as a gift. I couldn't be more excited to show it to you guys! I really hope you like it! You can check them out more closely here.


Kathryn on 11:15 AM

These are so nice! I want one.

HH. on 11:16 AM

So classy and they'd make a perfect gift for my mom for Christmas!

hizzybee on 12:54 PM

Oooooh! I love the box. Great idea!

Marty D. on 1:42 PM

These are great, I'll have to start writing letters again:)

Deirdre Gill on 1:43 PM

ahh...they are here! I can't believe you were able to do it for such a good price. Can't wait till I get Jason to buy me one.

Jason Chin on 1:55 PM

These look great--nice job, Mack!

Mandy K on 2:34 PM

LOVE! So tidy, I can get rid of the pile of stationery boxes next to my desk..

Anonymous on 3:39 PM

I love using beautiful stationary and so I am excited to see your delicious designs, with the added pleasure of the lovely presentation. This will look great on my desk! Lynn

Christine on 8:15 AM

Very Chic. Classy, just like all of KenzieKate. I think FB world needs to know... I am posting a link to your site, and going to mull over who I love the most and order them a set.

Denise on 11:05 AM

Well done! And I love the refill option- so smart.

mo on 4:43 PM

I just got mine. It's beautiful!