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tuesday mourning

Seeing's how it's Tuesday morning, I thought it apropos to post about this little shop, Tuesday Mourning. Illustrator Merrilee will do a custom portrait of you, our you and your sweetie, or say... of your two best friends on the occasion of their wedding! What an adorable engagement present! I love her style so much. I have illustrator envy.


Kaydence on 2:26 PM

These are cute! instead of the pink noses tho i think id like a little color in the eyes or added to the hair. Is it possible to make requests like that?

mer on 4:24 PM

thanks mackenzie!

and Kaydence, yes, it's possible to make requests :). Just contact me via etsy.



Laura on 10:42 PM

i love her illustrating style! how totally charming.

lucy on 3:44 AM

Very awsome post. Hope it will always be alive!