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Do I detect something of a trend? Bow necklaces seem to be every which way I turn lately! Here are a few of my favorites. From top to bottom, left to right:

1.. Anthropologie, Bauble Bow Necklace, $38
2.. Anthropologie, Tuxedo Accoutrement Necklace, $138
3.. Anthropologie, River Bow Necklace, $38
4.. Diament Designs, Gold Bow Necklace, $40
5.. Betsey Johnson, First Date Bow, $35
6.. Marc by Marc Jacobs, Long Bow Necklace, $160


Jen on 12:16 PM

I love this style! I received a bow necklace from Tiffany for my birthday this year. It's such a feminine look!

Marian on 12:53 PM

Seriously have been obsessed with this looks for months!! Love the bow

leni on 8:12 PM

when bows showed up on the runways at the beginning of the year, i was ecstatic. i'm obsessed with me. bow earrings. bow rings. bows on shirts. i can't get enough of them. i just hope they stay "in" for awhile.

Michelle on 11:47 AM

Love this trend! I really like the gold one on the bottom left..its super cute.

Emily on 2:35 AM

These are awesome. I really like the 5th one shown. How cute.

Blackcarat on 9:03 AM

I really like the butterfly inspired one.

Kos Galtos on 10:51 PM

wow so so cute..i wanna them

Family Lawyers Sydney on 10:55 PM

Your blog is super always have cute stuffs xx

Anonymous on 9:24 AM

lovely stuff, I <3 the bow necklaces, I've been seeing earrings in this style everywhere. Cute blog ;)