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need a light?

Just a smattering of my favorite lanterns for sale at Jamali Home and Garden. They have the absolute best selection (and great prices) for everything from the most random decor stuff (a bag of oak leaves?) to lighting and garden pots.


Allison Blass on 10:12 PM

Thank you so much for posting this! My fiance and I were admiring lanterns at Pottery Barn, thinking what great centerpieces or aisle decorations they would be, but at $40 a pop we were like "No can do!" But these are very affordable! :)

NuFlaiir - Planning a Destination Wedding on 11:31 AM

I love lanterns!!!!
I was thinking about incorporating them on my wedding decor somehow...
Thanks for sharing. What a great finding.


Mauryn on 3:44 PM

I love these! Been looking for some for a while now, so thanks for the share!

Irma on 8:45 PM

What a classic lantern.. just love it. Compare it with lamp from nicefine. it will be better

Shop Debt Free on 2:49 PM

These lanterns are gorgeous!! They are perfect for a unique wedding!! I used traditional candle holders, I actually jazzed one up that I got at Michael's, I added rhinestones and feathers so it would match my theme :)

I've been looking online for candle holders to order to decorate my new house, you might like them for weddings too

nigel on 4:41 PM

Realy beautiful lanterns. Have you looked at your local crafts fair for this type of work. You might be happily surprised at the choice and value available. And it is made locally...and not in some anoymous factory.

Take a look at some good reasons for shopping locally for arts & crafts.