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Oooooo. Succulents! Sold in collections of 100, 18 or 6, these are perfect for favors or centerpieces! From Succulents Galore.


Kate on 1:12 PM

I think succulents are so cool! Although I'm not sure if I'm a huge fan of cacti. But I think the succulents in the first picture look so cool in centerpieces. Love it!

Melissa on 10:38 PM

Oh wow! My blog buddy Poppy sent me a link to your wonderful post about this succulent shop, as I love succulents so much. Thanks for sharing your great find!

Divorce Lawyers Melbourne on 10:46 PM

they are so cute.. love them

Perth Lawyers on 10:47 PM

I just bought one..but i gave too much water to dead...

Dynamite Weddings on 11:29 AM

Great for centerpieces!

Emily on 2:12 PM

I really like the succulents with color shown in the first picture. They can make really nice centerpieces or even decorate with small rock gardens around them.

Tucker on 11:55 AM

succulents...i could never get enough!

Hunter Valley Wedding Venue on 7:09 PM

What a great idea for a centrepiece! We will be sure to suggest to our brides at their Hunter Valley Weddings