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fall haul

I have been feeling just a slight chill in the air in the evenings lately, and it's made me excited for the coming fall, my absolute favorite season of them all!
What better for fall than perfect skin, a defined brow, gorgeous lips and a fan of incredible lashes? Don't we all wish?!

Make Up For Ever's Smoky Lash Mascara - I have really skimpy lashes and I have been secretly (secrets out!) been dying to try Latisse, the new prescription balm for longer eyelashes, but am (not so secretly) too chicken for no particular reason. So instead I've been addicted to this mascara which seems to create the appearance of more lashes rather than thicker lashes. Not sure how it works, but my lashes seem to look very natural, just darker and more numberous. Nothing worse than clumpy lashes! I absolutely hate it when mine stick together. It's going to be a bit of a MUFE love fest this post - so hang in there.

Make Up For Ever's High Definition Invisible Foundation - This is so good! The finish is fairly matte, but not at all dry looking. It's really true to it's name in that it's imperceptable when you have it on, both in person and on camera (something I think we are all searching for). The coverage is good, I'd say medium to high. Overall, this is my new favorite foundation - highly recommend trying this one out.

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick - (the satin finish was my personal favorite). These are really not like any other lipstick I've tried. They're incredibly pigmented and they stay on like crazy, perfect if you'd rather not be reapplying your lipstick all the time. You need so little to create a really nice looking, lasting lip. I really love the intensity of color these offer - #33 was my favorite - but I was looking for a very 80's pink - so that one might not be for everyone.

POREfessional from Benefit - This reminds me a lot of a much more expensive primer, and it lives up to it's name. I have larger pores on my cheeks close to my nose, and this really helps the make up float over top rather than sink into my pores. Very nice. Love this.

Anastasia Brow Duo - This is a brand I've never tried before but their brow duo is a new part of my everyday makeup - it's so natural and soft looking.

Thanks for hanging in there, I'd love it if you'd share your favorites for fall, and I'm sure our fall bride's would appreciate it as well!


la petite coquine on 3:18 PM

Makeup For Ever's lipsticks are absolutely my favorite! Fabulous colors and terrific wear.

mallorygessner on 5:42 PM

Just a comment on Latisse (I am a pharmacy student, will be a pharmacist in May), if you have a light colored eye like green or blue it can turn them brown. This is a very small percentage. But I have blue eyes and would rather put mascara on everyday rather than have brown eyes (nothing against people with brown eyes!)

Mackenzie on 9:55 AM


I did hear that about Latisse, and looked into it quite a bit. Apparently the possibility is very remote, and only if you were taking the liquid and dropping it into your eye rather than placing it on your lid. The only reason they know that this is a side effect is because Latisse is the same as a glacoma drug called Lumigen, and tests for Lumigen (where users dropped the solution directly into their eyes repeatedly) produced a few people with darkened eyes. No one in the Latisse trials had darkened irises.
Even so, the idea of darker eyes is not what I'm scared of. In fact, I have hazel eyes and wouldn't mind one bit if they went a little browner. My issue is more just crossing the line between cosmetics and medication.

Roshni on 10:06 AM

Hi! Take a look at NeuLash. I've been using a few months now and love it! It is $150 but I purchased mine at Neiman Marcus after considering co-pay costs etc of Latisse and NeuLash definitely came out cheaper and without the disclaimer of side-effects. Another great product to try is the lash enhancer from Trish McEvoy. It's much less expensive but does take about twice as long to achieve the same effects as NeuLash. I have some friends that use NeuLash and then alternate with the Trish enhancer to help maintain their lashes.