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wedding gift idea of the week

Adorable custom mugs from Mud Pie 2 in Durham, SC. I love the colors!


E @ Oh! Apostrophe on 3:39 PM

I think those would be great for an anytime gift too! Thanks for sharing!

Jenny on 7:09 PM

the red and charcoal is so lovely together! what a great gift that would be.

Anonymous on 11:26 PM

It's Durham, North Carolina. :) Important difference, if you're from one of those states (I am).

Aly on 1:08 PM

I HAVE to purchase these for my friend who just got engaged. Not only will she love them, but she went school in Durham :) Thanks for the great find, as always! on 8:14 PM

love the vintage feel and colors of these. great find!

Dynamite Weddings on 2:29 PM

So Adorable!!!

Kaylen on 12:11 PM

LOVE. Those are great. Great find!

The Wedding Contessa on 6:37 PM

Nice idea!

Brooklyn on 12:53 PM

Mackenzie, I just found your blog searching for paper flowers. And then I was sucked in. To everything on here. Great stuff.

JJShop on 2:21 PM

So niceeeee!

Stacy Shepanek on 5:35 PM

Mackenzie - Thanks for posting my mugs on your blog! I actually had some people contact me about them who saw them here :)

Ms. Matrimony:-) on 12:23 PM

Love the look of these mugs! Thanks for posting...

April on 3:18 AM

Hey these are pretty neat wedding gift ideas.Unique, decorative and I like the idea that it can be customized.Great post!

gifts Philippines on 12:53 AM

Perfect! that was so cute great gifts I guess. :)


wedding gowns on 9:58 AM

wow, really cute !!