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oh, Hi!

Oh, hello Internet. I have missed you. I am back to posting this week after an eventful hiatus. More later today... in the mean time, enjoy this delightfully mischievous photo of Niko, now 6 months old and on the verge of being crawly.


hizzybee on 12:34 PM

isn't he a little charmer!

Claire Gibson King on 1:50 PM

So happy you are back!!!! You have been missed. I think its great that you took a little time off!!! Good for you. Niko is a cutie!

Sarah on 2:53 PM

So funny, I just bought that outfit at target for our baby! We found out last week we're having a boy so I thought he needed a present. We're also on the East Side so let me know if Nico needs a new friend!

Anonymous on 5:18 PM

Welcome back!

Asma on 4:40 PM

Oh how exciting! I had a baby just one month before you. Yesterday he started crawling for the first time (though he crawls only backwards, he hasn't gotten his direction straight yet :) ) They grow up so fast!!!

Anonymous on 12:54 PM

hi, he is exquisite...i am expecting in 2 weeks, and i can hardly wait. used your blog for alot of wedding inspiration, in july of 2008. thank you for being....

soulflower on 7:16 PM

He is too too cute...My boy is six months in April.