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DIY Ketubah

My favorite ketubah expert, Tsilli of New Ketubah, has just released a free downloadable DIY Ketubah Kit. I think it's fabulous that she's willing to offer her insight and expertise for nothing in return, and I think lots of people might benefit from her informative offer and her amazing design sense. Visit Tsilli here for all the details.


Lauren on 12:25 PM

Wish I saw this a few months ago for my wedding!!!

Aly on 12:18 PM

What a great concept and wonderful way to personalize such an important part of the wedding.

African-American Brides on 3:04 PM

Wow, that's awesome of her to do that. I was passing by when all those gorgeous fabrics up there caught my eye. :)


iluvgraham on 6:01 PM

I LOVE THIS! I found you through Wed Savvy and now I am hooked. Great finds!