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time to get serious

Last night I had a "time-to-get-serious-about-getting-in-shape" moment as I realized that my baby is now 5 months old (!), and I have not broken a sweat since his delivery (!!). I want to get back into the swing of exercising, but I get bored so easily with treadmills and ellipticals (yawn). Any suggestions? I live in Rhode Island, so exercising outdoors is not always an option (at least not for me). Do I have to join a gym to do this right? Anyone?
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Heidi on 1:32 PM

I got Jillian Michaels' "30 Day Shred" DVD a few months ago even though I generally hate workout videos. I gotta tell you that it's awesome. It's short (20 minutes), but it kicks your butt and gives you serious results. There are three levels, too, so once you start to get kind of sick of the workout you're in good enough shape to move up to the next level. Plus, it's like $10 at Target.

Gina on 1:34 PM

I suggest the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD. You can get it off her site for about $10. All you need is a set of 3 lb weights and it's just 20 minutes a day. It kicked my butt, didn't bore me, and totally worked. Good luck!

Genevieve on 1:35 PM

The Jillian Micheals 30 day shred workout DVD is nice. It only takes 20 minutes. You need hand weights but I just use soup cans or water bottles.

I just started P90X and it is pretty intense.

Good Luck!

Barchbo on 1:39 PM

Mari Winsor pilates DVDs - there is a 20 minute and two longer ones. GREAT for toning, muscles, core strength. I am a total gym rat, but this is great when I need to cram something in! Pilates has changed my whole body, but mostly my flabby core.

Good luck!

PS: I love Jillian. She's my total girl crush. I am glad to hear that her DVDs are so good.

ohmypuddin on 2:28 PM

I love the Shape Bikini Body Bootcamp series. It sounds stupid, but they're 30 minutes long with extra segments if you want them. They're all routine-based, which I like better than most workout DVDs. The cardio is a little dancey, if you like that. I lost 30 pounds with this series!

kage on 4:06 PM

It's hard to get a good cardio workout at home, but you should check out the New York Body Plan - I'm actually on Day 3 right now (it's kinda torture....), it's my pre-wedding dress diet and workout plan!

All you need is an exercise ball, 5 lb medicine ball and two 5 lb hand weights. Super cheap. The workout moves are amazing - they actually really get your heart going. The diet part is hard though...but I did it a few years ago without cheating on the exercises or the diet and I was in the best shape of my life. It also calls for 45 mins of cardio every day (I do the elliptical) but you could even do intervals of skipping rope at home to get a good cardio workout.

Here's the link to the site:

My friend who is doing it with me signed up on the site and I bought the book.

lynlock on 4:46 PM

I really love most of Ellen Barrett's dvds, especially the Crunch Fat Burning Pilates, Crunch Super SlimDown: Pilates Yoga Blend (great any time I want to tighten up the love handle area!), Fat Burning Fusion, and SELF Slim and Sleek Fast. She has some newer ones in The Studio series that I can't wait to buy and try after I've fully recovered from a running injury.

I too have the 30 Day Shred, and while they're great workouts, I don't find myself doing them as often as Ellen's more relaxed yet still effective yoga/pilates dvds. Look her up on Amazon!

Carla on 10:48 PM

oh man... i have JUST THE THING!!! I travel a lot for work, and don't always have a car/easily accessible workout areas, so i bought this DVD.. Total Body Cardio with Tanja Djelevic... it's part of the GAIAM DVD's... it has a 30 minute and an hour long session, and IT WORKS!!

it's tough to get used to it, but it's really good and works your entire body!! Good Luck!

Giordana on 10:57 PM

I totally suggest hot yoga (bikram yoga). You don't need to be "good" at anything to do it, but it is SO intense, burning 600-1000 calories per is just so good for your joints, your was sort of life changing for me, actually!

brooke @ claremont road on 11:11 PM

Another fan of the 30 Day Shred, here! Especially if you don't have a lot of time to commit, it's a great way to jumpstart a more active lifestyle.

Claire Gibson King on 9:49 AM

Jump rope and push ups are a good fast work out. Just try to move a little more each day. I am also a big fan of Pilates reformer and Bikram yoga. Good Luck.

Carly on 10:43 AM

the only good thing about a gym is that you have to schedule it in. make sure you schedule in your at-home workouts and you'll be able to stick to it

gooooooooood luck!

Anonymous on 11:06 AM

yoga! yoga! Once you get the basics down you can do it home, in an office etc... And what's amazing is that sometimes I only have time to do 10 sun salutations in the morning and I still feel so good.

Also, it has totally changed my posture, my core, and slimmed me down.

Sarah on 11:49 AM

do you have any climbing gyms near you? When I had time, I was able to go and it is so fun, you dont even notice you are getting a work out. I know this because I hate working out! It toned my arms for sure, but it also kept my stomach and legs toned too! I now have a new job and havent been able to go often...and I have noticed. ha.
Yoga is a great option too.

Anonymous on 11:49 AM

Agreed on the 30 Day Shred! I did it 4x per week last fall and saw results really fast. Good luck!

Carey on 11:50 AM

I've tried everything---running, yoga, pilates, videos, cycling--- and even at one point went to a plastic surgeon for a consultation---a moment I hate to remember! The next day I went straight to the gym, got a trainer for once a week, and it's changed my life. You can do most of the exercises on your own, honestly---but having someone assess you, show you what YOU need to be doing for YOUR EXACT body type, is priceless. I don't know what it is, I'm a motivated person anyway, but having him once a week changed my body entirely! I'd try 2-3 sessions on trial and see what you think. IN a month, you won't recognize yourself. BE prepared for lots of squats and pushups, and good luck! :) :)

Bronwen on 2:15 PM

I used to live in Providence, and I'm not sure when outdoor running/walking will be a good idea for you, but if you have a smart phone, the Couch to 5K iphone app has been rocking my world recently. It's 9 weeks to go from no exercise to running a 5K with ease, with a 3 times a week workout. It'll play your own music in the background and then interrupt it every so often to tell you "run" or walk", using intervals to work you up to straight on running. For me, it's the fact that it's so easy that works. Just obey the voice. :)It'll also tell you when you're half-way done, which makes running a loop of sorts easier.

Tyler on 8:00 PM

I was trying to get in MOH shape for my sister's wedding and fell in love with Kettlebells. Its a style of weight/ cardio exercise and involves weights that look like cowbells and its fantastic for an all over tone. You might be able to find a gym near you that offers these classes or you could always go the at home route with a DVD (I know they sell them at Target for sure). That reminds me ... I should probably start hitting that class again as wedding season approaches lol. Good luck!

Jessica at Alden Blair on 11:26 PM

I hear you lady! Starting to work out after a while away is hard. Videos grab my attention for a few workouts, then the predictability makes me want to scream (especially when you know all the jokes they say!).

Try finding an activity you enjoy - I started running as a way to complete a 5K, but anything will do. What about tennis or a fun class at the gym?

Good luck! Keep warm in RI - I'm in Boston and can't wait for the spring weather!

Anonymous on 11:21 AM

I have been doing weight watchers for a month and have lost 13 lbs. I also LOVE the old Cindy Crawford workout. Its 30 minutes and not hard. It works! Also, The Frim Cardio Sculpt works, but will kick your butt!

Nicolette on 12:54 PM

It is so funny because I clicked comments to recommend the 30 Day shred and here it was all over the place! I am getting married in August and I have been doing it a couple weeks intense and only 20 minutes! I haven't seen the results yet but I hear it works great! Def recommended!

After Yes on 1:08 PM

The knot Wedding Countdown workout is pretty good. Maybe just purchase some dumbbells to use at home. Yoga videos would be great too to save on the gym fees. Good luck! Love the belt!

Roxanne on 10:23 PM

I have had 10 children, and I do not have much time to exercise, although I do run up the stairs pretty fast! :) I really enjoy "Oxycise", since you can do it in 15 min, and even break these into smaller sessions if needed! Plus no equipment is needed. I love it!

myla rose on 2:40 PM

Maybe it's a little hard core but I love P90X! It whipped me into shape pretty quickly.

Dynamite Weddings on 5:32 PM

Workout videos are great! I believe there are also a variety of workouts on demand depending on what cable you have!

Debra on 5:56 PM

I've been doing several of Women's Health Magazine's workouts, plus their iPhone app, and am surprised at what a great workout they are. I've gone to the gym for years, but hate the cardio machines (so boring) and needed to get more cardio exercise. Women's Health is doing it for me, and the workouts require very little or no equipment. Go to

Liza on 4:43 PM

At PoshTots, we know our fare share about baby weight and we second Bikram Yoga! Its only 90 minutes, you sweat like crazy and you burn an average of 800 calories per class. We like it so much that a bunch of the PoshTots gang are trying the 60 day challenge that was written up in Oprah magazine (60 consecutive yoga classes in 60 days). We are only on week 1 so we can't see the results yet but so far it has been very positive-- and we spend a lot more time visiting the water cooler! Good luck!

Meg @ Sienna Wedding on 7:48 PM

I live in RI too, (Providence), and I do go to the gym, but my absolute favorite is yoga... either a video or actual lessons, it's so relaxing and tones your whole body at the same time!

Torero on 12:10 PM

I highly recommend EA Sports Active for the Wii. You will need the Wii console and the game ($60) but it's way better than a workout DVD because you can customize your workouts, and do different exercises depending on your preference. I would recommend looking into it. It's the only thing that has ever worked for me, in terms of results and motivation. Plus you then have a Wii for fun, and overall it costs less than a workout machine! Check out the Amazon reviews for more feedback, but trust me, it is an awesome workout!!

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Anonymous on 8:19 PM

Join a once a week boot camp class. I take one that is pricey, and boy, does that motivate me not to miss a single one. I don't want to waste the money by skipping it, and that alone gets me there every time. And remember, the first 10 minutes always suck, but you will never feel worse for having gone.

Or, train in a group for a 10K. It's a totally achievable goal, and the race atmosphere is motivating. Have fun!