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These gorgeous photos landed in my inbox this morning, and I couldn't resist sharing them. Jennifer Behr has always been one of my favorite accessories designers, and it looks like her 2010 Bridal Collection is one of her best efforts yet. They make me wish that my hair were not falling out at record breaking speeds because of a giant post-baby hormone adjustment. If I attached any of these to my head, I'm pretty sure they would just slide off onto the floor. My ponytail is more like a My Little Ponytail. I understand now why women go out and get the obligatory short "mom cut" after they have kids. They don't have enough hair to pull off anything else! Sigh.


natalie on 8:39 AM

Heehee- my little ponytail :) I love Jennifer Behr! The color in these photographs is stunning. I actually just put the JB hairpiece from my wedding in yesterday and wondered when the post baby fallout was going to begin. I have SO MUCH hair, I am kinda looking forward to it. on 11:42 AM

That first one with the feather is soo gorgeous!

Lesley Anne on 3:42 AM

So sorry to hear about your hair:( Taking biotin, a b-vitamin will REALLY help restore your hair back to normal. It's like 6-8 bucks at the health food store. I've had this same exact problem and that's what I used.

GOOD LUCK and keep posting the pretty goodies!!

Amy's The Painted House and More on 10:31 PM

Very pretty! Very unique and love the fact that the designs are so different from each other. Great way to offer something to fit the needs for a variety of people!

Pencils on 10:09 AM

Those really are lovely.

"My little ponytail" is pretty funny. But, seriously, you will go back to normal soon. I was actually happy when my hair started falling out, because my normally very thick hair got even thicker and turned into an unstylable hair nest while I was pregnant. Now, sixteen months after my daughter was born, I'm sort of back to normal. The thickness is back to normal, but my formerly straight hair is now wavy. Very odd, but at least I can blow it out straight.

Ash on 4:15 PM

I love the feather ideas!