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all that glitters

I have always loved the notion of choosing one beautiful, thoughtful accessory to make a nice outfit (maybe even an unremarkable one) unforgettable. With a short, white, satin, cinched-at-the-waist dress, the sequined rose would be perfect. The top headband could complete a slender, drapey, grecian number like they were never meant to be apart.
This has me wondering... Did any of you choose your gown based on an amazing accessory? Or does the dress always come first?
Both of the above are from Bethany Lorelle.


Lindsay [Bella Cene'] on 2:38 PM

I love sparkles!!!

Laura on 11:38 PM

I chose my whole look for my wedding based on Erica Koesler's H 5001 hat.

leslie.conner on 12:30 AM

I didn't choose my wedding dress just for the headpiece... but I had a huge ivory feathered/swarovski headpiece that went with my very feathery gown... I loved it! These are great headpieces!

Kaylen on 1:26 PM

I LOVE that top headband. I may wear that for my wedding...hmmm. I DO need a headband type thing to wear...

Boudoir Photographer on 10:33 AM

Love these headbands, so sassy!

Lynn on 9:56 PM

I love the detail on the headband -- really beautiful!

Crown Elegance Bridal on 1:28 AM

I love these designs! It's nice to see some different trends emerging among bridal headpieces and accessories.

Abby on 11:04 PM

Beautiful! These are simply stunning pieces!

Maryjonono on 6:38 PM

Very pretty! And very easy to DIY! These appliques are available to home sewers at your local fabric store, they are hand stitched in China, but sold in upscale fabric and bridal supply shops. Just purchase the headband of your choice, some ultra strong Beacon adhesive and you're good to go for just a few bucks!