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little lamps

My sister pointed me towards this adorable project, (she's great like that). They're candles... in wine glasses... with shades! Genius! What an awesomely, inexpensive way to set up your tablescape. Tutorial here!
On another note, thank you so much everyone for suggesting all those exercise options. I have literally looked into every single one of them. At this moment a brand new collection of workout dvd's are on their way to my door. I am also looking into Bikram yoga. Now if I could only get the baby to enjoy his alone time...


isabella whitney on 9:03 PM

wow, these are so charming! what a fabulous idea. i wish i had a sister like that!

Nora on 11:47 PM

Be careful with the Bikram, it is highly addictive. I just started 10 days ago and I now go on a nearly daily basis!

Amy Jo on 4:20 PM

I made these last night after seeing your tutorial....can't wait for an excuse to use them!!

Jen on 7:32 PM

i just love little lamp! I have many in my house and would still love to get more!

Tyler on 9:25 PM

Genius idea! I'll definitely be keeping this in my "entertaining" back pocket. Thanks for sharing.