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weathering the winter

I guess winters here are no colder here than they were in Brooklyn, but somehow they feel more blustery, more treacherous. The incoming snow storm they keep talking about on the news probably isn't helping. When we were apartment dwellers all we ever had to do to prepare for snow and cold was put on a hat. Now we own a shovel. We have a driveway. We have pipes that could freeze. We got our gas bill yesterday (not good). The other day I told Dell to salt the steps to melt their dangerous icy coating. He used my fancy French sea salt. Now they are Steps de la Mer. I usually love winter, but winter this year is kind of stressing me out. SO, you can imagine how much I am loving the idea of daydreaming a bit on a tropical getaway.
Based on my inbox, it seems as though plenty of you are also sick of the cold, and are either planning destination weddings or looking for off-the-beaten-path honeymoon escapes. Jake's Resort fits the bill either way. I LOVE how quirky and indie this resort is; with the cute little villas, each one different from the next, the beautiful beaches, the snorkeling, and the poolside bar. And don't you kind of love the name? I bet Jake's has some very different kinds of Steps de la Mer. I think I might like his better.


Liz on 9:32 AM

wow, small brother went to a boarding school in treasure beach. i have to say, the area is truly beautiful and secluded, completely unspoiled and untouched. i loved it. i never stayed at jake's, but it looks AMAZING.

katey on 11:33 AM

oh, this looks sooo amazing!

i haven't blogged about our honeymoon yet because it's the one thing i'm totally nervous to plan. there are so many options and so many places we want to see! i need to tackle it soon!

Jennifer on 12:26 PM

What a great find Mackenzie! I just looked out the window it's snowing here in Providence. Perfect time to check out Jake's website and I'm feeling better already. And their properties - the Caves, Strawberry Hill? Heaven!

Kristin on 12:48 PM

While I studied in Jamaica, we visited Jake's to talk about community development based tourism projects. I would highly recommend it as an upscale, very unique hotel (with wonderful local food). It's hard to find a place that is totally pampering (in your own little beach bungalow), idependently owned, and not surrounded by other hotels in Jamaica. Definitely a place to get a feel for Jamaican culture. And the sprawling mosaic tiled waterfall that trickles down to the surf, gathering in deep pools along the way is just lovely.

Anonymous on 10:37 PM

mar blue is another lovely hotel in that area--and jakes has a great bar.