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out-of-towner's totes

Thanks to sender-inner Pam for letting me know about these adorable little totes. Wouldn't these make excellent little welcome gifts for your out-of-towners? Fill them with maps, local restaurant menus, area attractions, maybe a local treat or two... instant welcome kit. Who doesn't love a tote bag? The trick is deciding which letters to get. Word on the street is that ink colors can be customized, two letters can be added, and they come in three sizes. Here for the deets.


Kelly on 9:13 AM

i love these to death. give me a good K and i'm a taker!

lindsey. on 12:59 PM

They would be super cute bags for bridesmaids gifts as well! I think I'll get one for each of my girls.

Carlene on 6:34 PM

I love these totes! I am totally going to do an out of towner tote and fill it with goodies for my guest! GREAT find!

elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs on 9:31 PM

these are great - so unique!

nunu pepe' on 11:38 PM

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Pam - housemartin on 11:24 AM

i love these and the idea of them as an out of towner gift is so lovely! thanks!

candy on 8:54 PM

totes are always a great useful gift!