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I'm going to reveal something slightly embarrassing right now. Whenever I go home, my sisters and I have this bonding ritual where we do each others hair and makeup. It's nice, actually. The embarrassing part is that my dad, long ago, dubbed this ritual "Fussy Pretty Beauty Shop". He just sort of came out with it one day, as in "We have to get going girls! We don't have time for this... this fussy pretty beauty shop!" Needless to say, all three of us could not stop laughing, and we were probably late for whatever it was we had to go to. Anywhoozy, the title stuck. So now on lazy mornings over the holidays when we're all at my parent's house hanging around in our jammies, we'll look over at each other and ask "Fussy Pretty?". What follows is a colorful dust cloud of powders, shadows, and blushes. We're girls. We like things like this. My point is that the Blockbuster Palette from Sephora that I got for Christmas last year was like the best thing that ever happened to Fussy Pretty Beauty Shop. 64 eyeshadows (most of which are totally wearable), 32 lip colors (love the glosses), 7 cheek colors, and a translucent powder... and a partridge and pear tree. This pallette is available again this holiday season (they sold out really quickly last year), and at only $48, would make a fantastic present for any of your girls. Bonding potential abounds.


Vimbai on 3:41 AM

Fussy Pretty Beauty Shop, LOL...clearly your dad was suffering from oestrogen overload. Wow, 64 eyeshadows...let me subtly start send out hints.

christel on 12:02 PM

This would be the perfect gift for a couple of my girlfriends. They have started wearing more make up these days and I think are somewhat obsessed with it right now. Thanks for the idea!

Brooke on 10:29 PM

This is the only blog that made laugh out loud today :-) And, it makes me wish I had sisters!!!

carrieJ on 6:06 PM

how awesome! i love this entry. my 2 sisters and i have a very similar relationship... and are often in the same bind as you were when your dad came up with that great, GREAT name. i can't imagine being father to three girls plus a wife? its seriously a wonder we ever get out of the house during the holidays.

Christy on 2:22 AM

Ok, this post just made me fall in love with you and your sisters, and wish I could invite my own sis and myself over for fussy pretty fun. Who doesn't love that kind of thing? Thanks for sharing your hilarious family story! =)