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nervous system

nervous system jewelry
How perfect would these be for a tropical wedding? Each piece in this series by Nervous System is a unique, one of a kind composition. Tiny circles of varying sizes make up the complex patterns that mimic the natural forms of corals. The pendants hang on 16"-18" sterling silver chains, and the pins are affixed with a nickel silver pin and clutch. They are also offered with a silver finish, and in several other unique coral-like patterns. The delicateness of these gives them just the right amount of formality, in my opinion.


Anonymous on 6:46 PM

Are the comments working?

Eric on 10:02 AM

This would also make a great bridesmaid gift.

Situ on 1:17 PM

I bought the bracelet in black from her other collection. It's got a sweet ribbon lacing up the back.