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1154 lill studio

I discovered 1154 Lill Studios thru my sister, who has one of their custom, design-your-own purses on her Christmas list. Love the creative styles and formats they have to choose from, and their prices are very reasonable. Today I worked on some beautiful invites with a yellow and pewter color scheme, which I'm totally smitten with now. I created these three combos on the same clutch, but there are quite a few templates to choose from as well as a huge selection of fabrics. Might come in handy as bridesmaid's gifts, or for yourself. They have more formal options as well.


Lilly S. on 10:05 AM

Thanks so much for the post! I love your combinations, very chic. You can find inspiration for your LILL Bag anywhere - even when designing invitations!
Our handbags are very popular with brides looking for the perfect bag to coordinate with the dresses. LILL Bags make great gifts!
Brides do receive 10% off their purchase when they create 5 or more bags.
Happy Holidays!

Faith on 4:08 PM

I actually "created" 5 unique and lovely handbags at Lill for my bridesmaids as gifts for them, and I haven't heard girls squeal like they did when they opened their gifts since the last slumber party I attended in 7th grade! It was AWESOME.

I received the discount that Lilly mentioned above, since I ordered 5 of them, and paid about $90 per bag for the ones I ordered.

Highly, HIGHLY recommend. It was so fun creating each bag for the girl according to their personality (as I know it), and it seemed I was spot on. The bags weren't meant to be used the next day at the wedding, but most all of them carried theirs anyway, because they loved them so much.

Thanks Lill!

Amanda on 11:23 AM

I did the Anne for my bridesmaids. It was so much fun (I went to the store in Lincoln Park in Chicago). They loved them and the discount was an added bonus.