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the view from here.

Some days I spend hours and hours looking at my hands and what they are doing, (mainly folding, gluing, and tying ribbon). The view today is nice! My nail polish (Plum Seduction #917, Revlon) looks great with the ink color (Pantone 583) on the folders I'm building for Krista and my Becky Kelso ring just looks great with everything.


artdecodiamonds on 8:30 PM

I love the antique ring.. wonderful!

Alegria em detalhes on 12:38 PM

Sabe o que mais gostei? Do seu anel! É lindo!
Paulinha - Brazil

Melanie on 11:50 AM

Agree with the nail polish...but what really caught my eye was the ring. Sooooooooo pretty.

baby invitation on 11:51 PM

Love the ring!!!

baby shower invitations on 5:28 AM

I love these sorts of antique jewelery.

woman on 6:18 AM

Looks really good! I like.

Unknown on 12:02 PM

that ring is AMAZING.