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gown faceoff!

One of these things is doing it's own thing!
Can you guess which of these amazing (and very similar) gowns costs less than $1000? Less than $700, actually?
One costs $695, the other two will run you upwards of $5000 each. Guesses?
Answer below!

Dress #1: Theia Beaded Silk Chiffon Gown $695!
Dress #2: Marchesa "Lola" - as near as I can tell, about $8000
Dress #3: Jenny Packham "May Blossom" - Can't find the price, but I assure you, it's not $700.

*As an aside... it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find out how much designer dresses cost! After speaking with one very curt and tight lipped receptionist at Marchesa, an unanswered call to Jenny Packham, and google search after google search, I gave up trying to find the exact prices for these designer gowns. So frustrating! If anyone happens to know, please post it here!


Unknown on 12:15 PM

Unfortunately, my favorite here is the Jenny Packham! That may have more to do with the photography and modeling, though. The Theia is my second favorite. I was totally betting that the Marchesa would have been from Nordstrom or something!

I clicked on the link for the Theia gown, and Saks has it paired with Jimmy Choos that happen to cost the same amount, which is kind of funny. The dress itself is far better quality than most Davids Bridal gowns and costs less than many of them! I just couldn't imagine spending that much on shoes, personally!

heather on 2:52 PM

I guessed wrong =( My favorite is the Marchesa, it is beautiful.