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me, you and everyone we know...

...are over at the BHLDN website right now, so it's running ve r y s lo w l y. At one point I think it actually went down completely, so if you didn't get a chance to see it, I grabbed some images.
I knew I would love it! My favorite surprise is that some of the gowns are very reasonably priced... my least favorite surprise is that some of them are not. Most run somewhere between $1000 and $2000, (not an unreasonable amount in my opinion). Then there are a couple in the $600 range, and a couple in the $5000 range.
I found lots of the accessories, cover-ups, shoes, bags, etc. to be things that can be found elsewhere... not in exact replica, but similar. The images I chose are of things I felt were fresh (at least to my eyes).
I was slightly underwhelmed by the bridesmaids dresses. I was expecting a little less J. Crew, a little more... something else. I also think that if the bride is wearing a $1600 dress, the bridesmaid isn't - so the prices seemed off kilter to me in relation to the wedding gowns.
I really loved lots of their hair accessories and the shoe selection was right up my alley. Aesthetically, I loved all of their lingerie. It was a nice combination of sexy and feminine without being vampy. Most of it was very boudoir though, not a lot of shaping or supporting going on.
I loved the jewelry. Lots of the BHLDN stuff seemed to be very similar to things you'd find at the Anthro site, but I like that we are getting away from so much glitz and bling and into more eclectic stuff for weddings.
All in all, I could see saving up my money for some of the more unique pieces. What is everyone else's take? I'm so curious to know what you all think.


Julie on 12:27 PM

I went on at 5:30am.. i did (sort of) have an excuse, i was bringing the fiance to the airport.. but i was just glad to get on early before all the site traffic. I was REALLY looking forward to the green high heels (which are impossible to find) but was sad to see they're $320... so i will not be getting them. I also wanted to check out their necklaces, hoping for a big bulky statement necklace. Most were single pendant or also very expensive ($700? They have dresses less than that). Overall i thought everything was pretty, but ended up not buying anything which was not what i was expecting to do.

Jason on 1:56 PM

Great accessories!

Sonica on 11:18 PM

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Bride Dresses on 11:53 PM

I think the dress is also good for wedding, since wedding dresses are always white it just give a good brave inspiration.

Marta on 11:33 AM

Have to say sadly that I was let down. I found the line behind trend and lacking flattering fits. The price does not match how the quality appears. And the site itself lacked a creative edge that I was hoping for.

I really hope they refine the line as it matures, because I trul love the Anthro brand.

Artdecodiamonds on 4:35 PM

I love the dress....has a vintage look to it.

Lisa on 2:51 PM

I'm in LOVE with those Robin's Egg Pumps!!!!