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handsome prints

Just something I'm working on lately, thought you might like to see what I'm up to. Not sure what these are for yet, but I'm really digging making them. Obviously they are still a bit rough, but I'll see where the wind blows before I finish them up! Love to hear feedback!


Nikki on 2:12 PM

I love the trees!

Unknown on 2:20 PM

The Trees are wonderful-and the ribbons are really fun

hizzybee on 2:34 PM

Ooooh! so pretty. Good choice on the red and gray.

joyce on 8:40 PM

Loving the first print. It reminds me of something swedish or tribal. I like it a lot!!

artdecodiamonds on 11:08 PM

Your prints are so cool!

Elegant Wedding Invitations on 10:07 PM

I love prints!! YAY for prints! :D

Prosklitiria Giota on 10:57 AM

The trees might bring up something good.