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this just in...

Just got an email from the ladies at Anthropologie entitled, "What if Anthropologie did weddings?" Surely if you know me, you know that the only other sentence that could possibly grab more of my attention would be "What if Anthropologie was giving stuff away for free?". So naturally, I had a look.
Turns out, that February 14th, Anthro is launching BHLDN (i'm pronouncing it "Beholden"?) presumably a wedding shop (online? physical stores? don't know). That's virtually all I know. There wasn't much to the email other than a bunch of gorgeous pictures of wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, wedding shoes, accessories and all manner of other loveliness.
I will BHLDN my breathe until I see more!


Lucy on 11:22 AM

Such good news!! I LOVE Anthropologie, and would even more so (if its possible) if they did weddings! yaayyy!

Laura on 11:41 AM

i know that when this happens, i'm going to die. it's just in time for my wedding too!

jeny on 1:11 PM

I got this same email...and "exclaimed!" TOO BAD I got married last April. *Sigh* I can't wait to see how amazing the line is.

Prippy Handbook on 2:22 PM

I remember reading about this a year ago (when I wasn't engaged) and I'm so excited now (I am engaged!).

Can't wait to see what those creative folks have up their sleeve!

wideopenspaces on 5:23 PM

it's going to be off the charts, i just know it.

Taylor Elise on 9:17 PM

If there was ever a reason for my boyfriend to propose, this is it!

I mean, besides being in love and stuff...

Kim Villa on 2:17 AM

The website in launching that day but the first store is set to open in August on the East Coast! They will be launching 15 wedding dresses if I remember correctly.

Haley Sheffield on 4:59 PM

Oh my. That could not be a more perfect combination. Can't wait to see it unfold! ♥

sally on 11:54 PM

there's this one athropologie blogger who knows lots of info on this subject--

i think they are also going to have a physical store some time later this year but the location of the store is tbd.. i wish i was getting married again!!

Wedding Invitations on 12:55 AM

I'm in love with that hair accessory!!!!

heather reilly on 10:04 PM

i walked by anthropologie today and they had the most beautiful window display of a wedding gown. i wish i was getting married again! cannot wait to see the line...