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gown faceoff!

Fun new game! I'll find two bridal gowns that are super similar, and you guess which is the more expensive one. And let me know which you like better.
Answer below:

Left: Aidan Maddox Strapless Beaded Gown, $279
Right: J Crew Taryn Gown, $495


Lauren on 1:39 PM

I actually like the less expensive one on the left better! For such a simple (but beautiful) dress, I like a little touch of glitz. This is a fun series, keep it going!

Gina on 1:42 PM

My vote goes to the less expensive one on the left too! The J Crew gown is too plain for me. Maybe the fabric is what makes it more expensive?

Jessica on 7:43 PM

I agree with the two people before me! I like the beading peaking out from the draping. It gives it a little something extra.

bridesmaid gowns on 4:37 AM

Good post.

Karen on 5:58 AM

i like the right dress more, veen though its more expensive.

Gingham on 5:28 PM

I prefer the jcrew as well.. but that would be typical... sigh.

Elizabeth on 10:41 AM

I love the one on the right! <3