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jersey pom pons

The rainbow obsession continues. As I sit here, camped in front of the heater with two sweaters on, sipping coffee and looking out the window at about 7 inches of old snow now covered by a crusty "wintery mix" of freezing rain and slush, I am struck by how over winter I am and how much I would welcome the colors of spring.
Linda of Craftaholics Anonymous posted a wonderful tutorial on how to make your own cheerful pom pons from scraps of knit jersey. How fun would it be to decorate with loads of these in every color of the rainbow? Linda recommend making your poms out of old tee shirts - I usually give my unwanted or ill-fitting stuff to a clothing drive, but if I had tees that had holes or ones that were too worn out to donate, this would be a great use for them. (Not that I have worn a tee shirt in months... I forget what mine look like). I might also head down to my local bargain fabric store, where they sell loads of knit jersey fabric for $1 a yard. (Yeah, Lorraine Fabrics!) I love that these are made out of fabric and they could be reused, much nicer than tissue paper in my opinion, and just about colorful enough to make me forget about the wintery mix.