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I have been gone for so long, I feel I owe you a little visual of what we have been up to! We had a wonderful (if sickly) holiday of stomach flus and sinus infections. Time was spent with all manner of loved ones, two and four legged. It was a beautiful Christmas. Niko found his belly button. I cut off all my hair (inspired by the beautiful Emma Watson). I also have taken up stone carving (didn't see that one coming did you)? More tomorrow, but for now I will leave you with these family pics.


Charlene @ Sweetchic on 5:13 PM

Ahh! I love your Italian greyhound!! I have a full size one :)

Claire Gibson King on 6:53 PM

Your hair looks great!!!

Mackenzie on 1:29 PM

Claire - thank you so much! It's so easy to take care of!
Charlene - His name is Shorty, poor guy gets so little attention now that the baby is around, but we love him to pieces!

Palomita Gasolina on 9:42 AM

The baby is beautiful!! :) This was my go-to blog when I was getting married (2008ish). I was wondering if any of my old blogs had any baby versions now that it has been a couple of years. :x

tula on 2:08 PM

Everything is 100% fabulous -- your hair, Shorty the Greyhound, Niko and his jammies. And how exciting is it to finally find your bellybutton?