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In the past week (where I have been woefully absent), the following things have happened:
*We hosted 8 extra people at our house for a toddler filled weekend of fun.
*I made dinner for 12 on Saturday night.
*I had the flu.
*My husband had the flu.
*Niko had the flu.
*Niko had Croup (not recommended)
*Our beloved babysitter got a great job and is off for greener pastures.
*We had to track down new long term daycare for Niko.
SO. For this reason, I am posting about caramels, because this is about all I can wrap my brain around right now. To be fair, they do look exceptional. From Fusion Sweets. Taro Butter Caramel? Rose Orange Blossom Vanilla Butter Caramels? Come on! I'm not sure candy could melt away a bad week but this something else entirely!


Dynamite Weddings on 2:56 PM

My mouths watering =)

Margaret Ivory - Ivory Pearl Bridal Mall on 10:59 PM

Hope all of you are feeling better. The caramels looks very tasty.

Daniel on 12:58 AM

The Vanila Butter caramels, reminds me of the last time I was in Malaysia. They have a traditional Malay dish that is called Dodol I think I had in some hotel in kajang
it was really delicious. I asked around they said that it takes a round 12 hours to make and a lot of hard work.