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happy feet

Leaving you for the week with these adorable shoe clips from whom you may know from posts such as this. Via Oh Joy!
Have a great weekend everyone! I'll be raking leaves, planting bulbs and celebrating this week's major milestone of having reached my -15 lb goal since I started WW in September. I am at this very moment wearing size 4 pants. They are a big 4 but the tag says 4, and I couldn't be happier about it. Just in time for Thanksgiving! Three cheers for a solid week of skinny jeans!


jacin on 9:25 PM


Mandie on 1:10 AM

Love the shoes, totally cute way to spice up your wedding with your personality!


Christine on 12:59 PM

Very pretty. And congrats on the WW. You have inspired me. I joined 2 weeks ago, and down 5 pounds. Although I may have really botched up my points this birthday weekend. oh well...

Fran AmenĂ¡bar Ch. on 2:18 PM

Nice shoes!
It's one of the best news one can have to know that to have lost some weight! I did also lost a a little bit, I stoped having dinner because in Chile we are use to have dinner too late, and that is a very bad habit.

Well, good luck!

Perth wedding videographery on 3:04 AM

Very cute fantastic shoe clip. i love it

Carla Fedje on 1:03 PM

Seriously cute. I need to find something like this when we thaw out up here!