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Love these dresses! Swoon. So often you find the more modern dresses are super expensive, these... not so much! Check out the bridesmaid's dresses while you're over there, definitely worth a peek!

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Beth on 8:01 AM

These gowns are beautiful and so unique, I love them.

Dynamite Weddings on 11:12 AM

I love how flowy these gowns are, prefect for an outdoor or beach wedding!

Melissa on 10:24 PM

I really like the design of the first dress. The neckline offers a great opportunity to wear a beautiful necklace. and one could add a different colored sash for added color.

The Favored Bride on 5:38 PM

Love the nice to see an alternative to the cookie cutter look. Great post!

Timeless Collection on 6:25 AM

Wow! These dresses are great. I've always been a fan of frocks with clean lines keeping it simple.

Sky Blue Events on 9:59 AM

Simply divine. Love the clean silhouettes. Thanks for sharing!