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Posts! They're the new chandeliers. Just in time, as Niko has just learned to grab for my earrings and PULLLL to get a funny reaction from mommy.
All from Anthropologie. The owl heads are precious, but I think the trefoil posts are my fav.


Sarah on 10:35 AM

I agree - I'm loving posts lately. These are so beautiful!

Becca on 10:41 AM

They're so gorgeous, but I can't get used to the idea yet - they still feel a bit 80s! I'll just have to receive something like the Bunny Ears ones on the Anthropologie website as a gift or something. *Hint hint*

Dynamite Weddings on 4:44 PM

Love how intricate and graceful these are!

blushingjoy on 1:34 AM

Some very lovely earrings on the website!! They're all so beautiful...

Michelle on 11:49 AM

im a big fan of the owl earrings. i've been seeing alot more jewelry lately with the whole theme..seems to be the new trend