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I considered having a dress made for my wedding, but not only was it very hard to find a dress maker/designer/seamstress at the time, but I found that when I did, I was still nervous about trusting them with my dress.
Today I stumbled across the work of this amazing Etsy vendor - Fairytale Weddings - and I actually got a little misty while reading her feedback, it was all THAT good. I feel pretty darn confident recommending her work for anyone looking to have their dress made. She seems to embrace loads of different, unique styles. I wish I needed a dress for something!


Nadine on 1:51 PM

Although before purchasing, do look at the website of the church she is donating profits to, as you may not care to have your money go to them.

Helena Fay Ballard on 9:43 PM

Love the idea of having your wedding dress designed and made for you! It would allow you unique, personal touches.

cara on 10:52 PM

you totally made my day with this post... i just placed my deposit for my dress with angela of fairy tale weddings. i am nervous about having a dress made - but her feedback totally sold me. cross your fingers for me.

Angela on 10:59 PM

I'm so excited to see my shop on your blog!
I also have a facebook group for brides to keep up with updates, meet other brides, see real dresses (not any professional shots here lol) and share fun wedding stuff!
I am currently booked until January but I have a sister in law who also has a shop on Etsy that I would love to refer any new brides to.

Your blog is so lovely and I'm honored that you came across me on Etsy!
Be Blessed in Everything,
As speciall Love :)

Dynamite Weddings on 1:37 PM


Mackenzie on 9:43 PM

I'm just happy to be supporting a fellow small business owner who does great work - the charities she chooses to give her money to are up to her.
That being said, I did go and check out the church - seems innocent enough to me... just a church. Am I missing something?

mandyface on 8:45 PM

SO pretty! Love!!

s. on 7:12 PM

oh i LOVE these! they are so different and lovely :)

i used to come to your site all the time but then left the blog world for a while...but now i am back and i love the new look of your blog...although it may not be so "new" anymore as i've been gone for a while...ha ha.

Mauryn on 12:18 AM

I loooove these. Every single one of them!!!Beautiful!!!