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his & hers

We're off to Vermont this weekend for a little R&R with the Fam. I hope everyone has a great weekend, keep your fingers crossed for nice weather!
I found these adorable his & hers ceramics over at Studiotto, and thought they'd make an sweet shower or wedding gift. Until Monday!


Anonymous on 7:20 AM

YAY Vermont! Have a fantastic is going to be beautiful here this weekend!

Marian on 8:35 AM

Awww, those are soo cute!!

Julia on 10:32 AM

cute!! have a great weekend

Joy on 12:04 PM

Have a great time!!! These are too cute... My best friend is getting married this year so I've pointed her to your blog and these might be the perfect gift! :)

Baris on 5:30 PM

Thank you all of you for your kind words!!